The Connection Between Spiritual Health and Well-Being

The Connection Between Spiritual Health and Well-Being

Emotional health is as important as being physically fit and having a sound mind.  Our emotional, physical, and mental health are so connected that each affects the health of the other. However, there is another factor that can contribute to healthy well-being: spiritual health.

Being spiritual is not just being religious.  It is being in touch with the spirit within you.  It is finding meaning, hope, comfort, and inner peace in your life. Most people find spirituality through religion.  Others find it through music, art, or a connection with nature. Still, others find it in their values and principles.

Spiritual activities such as prayer and meditation foster positive beliefs and comfort, which bring healing and a sense of well-being.  It may not necessarily cure the illness, but it can help you feel better, prevent some health problems, and help you cope with illness or death.

Whenever life becomes a bore or seems meaningless, or when emotional hurts and pains become overwhelming, we tend to be confused or anxious.  We feel dead in our spirits.  But those who are spiritually nourished are strongly anchored in their faith and hope.  For Christians, boredom is a word that can never be used to describe a person who walks in the love of God. Firm believers have no room for anxiety or depression in their lives.  The Christian faith surrenders all its worries and cares to a God who is almighty. 

Most people usually associate manifestations of anxiety with a panic attack. This is about senselessly talking and worrying about the various details of our daily lives or about sudden, unexpected situations.  Stuff that makes your stomach go into knots and gives you a headache and pain in the back of your neck.

Always remember that every individual is different.  What works for you may not work for others. Do what is comfortable for you.  Try to identify the things in your life that give you a sense of inner peace, comfort, strength, love, and connection. Set aside a specific time every day to do the things that help you spiritually. These may include doing community service or volunteer work, praying, meditating, singing devotional songs, reading inspirational books, taking nature walks, having quiet time for thinking, doing yoga, playing a sport, or attending religious services.

It is important to some doctors who are treating you for an illness to know how your spirituality might affect your feelings and thoughts about your medical situation.  Do not hesitate to tell your doctor if your spiritual beliefs affect your health care decisions or your ability to follow your doctor's recommendations.  A spiritual assessment as part of a medical encounter is a practical first step in incorporating consideration of a patient's spirituality into medical practice.  The relationship between spirituality and medicine has been the focus of considerable interest in recent years.

If there are spiritual beliefs, worries, or concerns that might affect the outcome of medical treatment, it is important to bring those matters to the attention of health care providers.  or concerns that are causing you stress, talk with your doctor or seek counseling from someone who can help you with these issues.


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