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Lilac Erebus

Heart Chakra Incense Sticks

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The pack contains 30 mint-scented incense sticks, each representing the Heart Chakra. The included wooden ash catcher features the beautiful symbol of the Heart Chakra, adding a touch of spirituality to your space.

The advantage of using these incense sticks is that they can help create a calming atmosphere in your home, promoting feelings of compassion and altruism. Plus, the mint fragrance adds a refreshing scent to any room.

With these incense sticks, you'll benefit from not only a delightful home fragrance but also from the spiritual connection they provide. It's an easy way to enhance your living space with positive energy.

So why wait? Bring harmony and tranquility into your home with these Heart Chakra Incense Sticks today!
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    Heart Chakra Incense Sticks - Lacatang Spiritual